A respected Kuwaiti closed shareholding company, the Jadeite Group® develops magical living and working properties throughout the region, while helping to establish visionary business concepts. With a primary focus on real estate development and ownership, Jadeite has a specific interest in Residential and Commercial Towers. The Group places secondary focus on assisting, partnering with, and establishing truly outstanding businesses and startups. With a passion for quality, commitment to ethics, and a roster of long-term professional relationships, The Jadeite Group® is the world-class business you can trust.

““ Fulfilling the vision of the Irvine Ranch master plan has been a lifetime dedication and lifetime passion, and I am hopeful the heritage of our Irvine stewardship will live on in many new ways.”

Donald Bren

Hajji Mohammed AlMatrouk and Abdulmohsin AlKharafi


During the first half of the twentieth century, Hajji Mohammed was one of the region’s wholesale titans; with a head office in Basra, he operated primarily in Muhammarah, India, Pakistan, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Hajji Mohammed exported and imported food, fabrics, consumer products, and invested in real estate. Alongside Abdulmohsin AlNasser AlKharafi, he built the first concrete building in Kuwait, opposite customs in Kuwait’s Al Seif Street. In fact, the British government ranked him as one of Kuwait’s most prominent merchants.

Through the years, Hajji Mohammed AlMatrouk’s most famous, and longest partnership was with Abdulmohsin AlNasser AlKharafi; ancestor of the Kharafi Group’s current owners. This partnership set a shining example of Almatrouk’s leadership, ethics, integrity and discipline. In the 1960’s, Hajji Mohammed’s son, Abdullah Mohammed AlAbdullah AlMatrouk, built a concrete landmark residential building – the first of its kind to be seen in Kuwait. The building was called AlMatrouk Residential Buidling, and was located on Ahmad Al Jaber St. At every level, this businessman continued to strive for excellence. That same quality continues to drive the Jadeite Group® today.


Jassim Mohammed Ali AlWazzan, founder of Mezzan Holding Company, started his business journey in 1945, when he saw an opportunity, and invested in his first small grocery business in Kuwait City. The store specialized in selling basic household necessities, and preserved and canned food products. Soon, AlWazzan began developing relationships through exclusive deals with foreign manufacturers, including Claire Ghee, Pillsbury Flour, Baird’s Vinegar, Crystal Hot Sauces, and a number of other businesses. In the 1960’s, Jassim Al Wazzan built the GCC’s first meat processor, a line of meat mincing, mixing and packaging machines producing halal meat; later rebranded as Khazan. He also invested in one of the region’s first potato chip factories, by launching KITCO. Jassim AlWazzan’s reputation and success gained the trust of international suppliers, and he partnered with Johnson & Johnson,

Jassim Al Wazzan congratulate Dr. Kurt Waldheim for the Presidential Election of Austria – Year 1986

Kimberly Clark, and Reckitt Benckiser; three of Mezzan Group’s largest and most internationally recognized partners to this day. Now, Mezzan Holding Company is considered as one of the most reputable businesses in Kuwait, with a market capitalization of $1 billion. AlWazzan is also co-founder of Gulf Bank, Gulf Insurance Company, and the Livestock Transport and Trading Company. A unique businessman, AlWazzan was eager to elevate the standard of products offered in the Kuwaiti market. He was committed to delivering quality in every aspect of his business – always aiming for perfection and originality. At Jadeite, we continue to keep these business practices alive.

“Heroes get remembered but
legends never die.”
Babe Ruth


The Jadeite Group® emerged from the combined business principles of Hajji Mohammed AlAbdullah AlMatrouk and Jassim Mohammed Ali AlWazzan. Today, the group believes in Leadership, Quality, Ethics, Trust, Integrity, Discipline, Perfection, Uniqueness, and Originality. These principles constitute the base of the Jadeite Group® business philosophy and practices.

““It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Warren Buffet


“A good reputation is more
valuable than money.”

Publilius Syrus

Jadeite is the rarest jewel on earth. It is crystal clear, and will always hold or appreciate in value. Just like our namesake gemstone, The Jadeite Group® strives for clarity and quality. Here, ethics and integrity are our highest priority, and a sense of clarity and honesty establishes long-term trust between Jadeite and its clients. Our properties are expertly-designed and built with the highest quality materials and the best construction practices. Each property owned by Jadeite Group® is an icon; elevating the design and quality standards in its zone. Jadeite Group® and its customers are truly proud to be part of each of this industry-leading experience. The Jadeite Group® also buys stocks in solid businesses managed by ethical and exceptional management. We only invest in businesses that we fully understand and absolutely believe in; businesses that demonstrate a consistent, competitive edge. Our long-term investment philosophy means we buy businesses, not stocks. When Jadeite Group® invests in promising startups and venture capital deals, we seek startups with a huge growth potential – startups who disrupt the market through extraordinary differentiation. We look for startups with strong intellectual and energetic focus, and we also seek startups or venture capital deals with goals that aligns with Jadeite’s focus on integrity and ethics. With a crystal clear philosophy, the Jadeite Group® continues to share and inspire excellence throughout the region, and the country.


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Walt Disney

Each property owned by Jadeite Group® is an iconic property; distinctive in its design, quality, lifestyle, and customer service. These properties are the jewels within their zones, elevating the standards surrounding properties, and create a positive competitive environment that inspires property builders to improve their market offerings. Jadeite’s effect is extremely positive; elevating the standards in the area, surrounding cities, and all of Kuwait. It is a positive, contagious effect that has a significant social impact. Jadeite Group® is the beginning of a movement to improve the quality of life, and artistic excellence of buildings throughout Kuwait. The magic begins here.


Jadeite Group® envision to become the leader of change in the elevation of design and building quality standards in Kuwait. The Jadeite Group® mission is to provide unique and well-designed property products for the Kuwaiti market. Our properties are built with high quality building materials and best construction practices

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”

Steve Jobs

“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”

John D. Rockefeller