Board Member & Business Development Director


Hasan AlMatrouk serves as Business Development Director and Board Member at the Jadeite Group; a respected Kuwaiti closed shareholding company comprised of two core divisions, Real Estate and Ventures. In this multifaceted role, Hasan leverages a full range of technology, business, and project delivery-fueled skills to spearhead the end-to-end management of various high-value real estate, construction projects, and ventures.

At Jadeite Group, Hasan plays a vital role in expanding the organization’s growth by bridging the gaps between business, design, technology, and delivery. When it comes to the technology side, Hasan wields an impressive track record of experience and success in strategizing, designing, and implementing the technology needed to drive major projects and businesses forward.

With many years of success and decades of collective experience, Hasan and his team at Jadeite Group are perfectly positioned to take on large-scale projects across many avenues, such as Real Estate, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, and Restaurants, to name a few. When Hasan isn’t overseeing top-tier Real Estate projects from design to delivery, he lends his expertise to the ventures side, where he supports areas like venture building, turnaround project development, and technology integration.

Hasan takes pride in having formed a solid educational foundation by receiving his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Fullerton. Along with that, Hassan also acquired accelerated certificates in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of California, Irvine, and an MBA in Management from the University of California, Riverside.